Trump Supporters Outside Biden Event in Georgia Chant, “Where’s Hunter?!” (VIDEO)

Trump supporters showed up to Joe Biden’s Georgia event on Tuesday and trolled him with “Where’s Hunter” chants.

Biden crawled out of his Delaware basement on Tuesday and traveled to Georgia to deliver remarks on Covid.

Since we don’t have a real media, Joe Biden has been able to campaign without being asked about his son Hunter’s laptop from hell.

So a group of Trump supporters (patriots) chanted “Where’s Hunter!?” outside of Biden’s event.


Earlier Tuesday, Hunter Biden audio released by The National Pulse revealed Hunter discussing business dealings with a “spy chief of China” and how his felon business partner Devon Archer named him and Joe Biden as witnesses in a SDNY criminal case.

This audio directly implicates Joe Biden in a criminal investigation and exposes his involvement with the Chinese Communist Party.

Text messages exclusively obtained by The Gateway Pundit revealed Joe Biden and his wife Jill colluded to suppress Hunter Biden’s actions with a certain minor.

Hunter Biden sent a text to a family member where he shares that someone is accusing him of being sexually inappropriate around their daughter. This is why Hunter claims he is not allowed to be alone with that person.

In another text message from Hunter to a family friend, Hunter shares that his mother, Jill Biden, propagates the claims that Hunter is sexually inappropriate around the children and VP Joe Biden is aware as well.

Where’s Hunter? Why hasn’t Hunter been taken into federal custody?

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