O’Keefe Drops Part 2! “Our Revolution” Chairman Kris Jacks Reveals Depth of His Radical Organization’s Infiltration Into Colorado Democrat Party (VIDEO)

Project Veritas on Tuesday dropped part 1 exposing a radical Democrat executive in Colorado and his plans for a violent revolution.

A Denver area Democrat staffer and chairman of non-profit “Our Revolution” Kristopher Jacks was caught on video admitting 2020 is a political revolution and the Democrats will do anything to seize power.

The Democrats “want to change this country with violence…there’s only one way to do it,” he said. “Guillotines motherf*cker — killing random Nazis in the street.”

The Colorado Democrat party has remained silent on Kris Jacks thus far.

Here’s why…

O’Keefe dropped part 2 on Wednesday and revealed just how deep Kris Jacks and his radical organization has infiltrated the Colorado Democrat party.

Our Revolution Chairman Kris Jacks reveals depth of Organization’s infiltration into the Colorado Democrat party: “I’m part of the Colorado Democrats Exec Committee…DOZENS of other committees”; “We now have a comfortable majority Weld County Dems exec committee”; “12/14…Our Revolution members”


Where is the FBI??

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