Joe Biden ‘Jogs’ Away From Podium as Rain Pours Down on His Tampa Drive-In Rally (VIDEO)

Joe Biden traveled to Florida on Thursday for two separate drive-in rallies.

Biden held his second rally of the day in Tampa.

According to reporters, about 285 cars were parked in the lot at Biden’s rally.

In contrast, an estimated 15,000 supporters attended President Trump’s rally in Tampa, a blue area on Florida’s west coast.

Joe Biden delivered a very angry, dark and divisive speech in Tampa.

Biden repeated Obama’s favorite ‘Affordable Healthcare Act’ lie: “You can keep your private insurance if you like it.”

It started to pour toward the end of Joe Biden’s speech so he quickly signed off and jogged away from the podium.

Biden was soaked by the time he walked down the stairs.


Joe Biden ran off the stage while attendees sat in their cars honking their horns in the pouring rain.


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