FIREWORKS! CNN’s Jake Tapper Blasts Biden’s Comms Director After She Falsely Claims Confirming ACB to SCOTUS Would be “Unconstitutional” (VIDEO)

You know it’s bad when CNN blasts Biden’s campaign.

Biden’s communications director Kate Bedingfield twisted herself into a pretzel trying to explain why confirming Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court is somehow “unconstitutional.”

It’s not.

Jake Tapper blasted Biden’s comms director on Sunday during her appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

“[Biden] says it’s not constitutional what they’re doing. How is it not constitutional what they’re doing?” Tapper asked.

“The vast majority of the people say that they want the person who wins the election on November 3rd to nominate the justice,” Bedingfield said.

“That’s a poll! That’s not the constitution!” Tapper replied.

Jake Tapper repeatedly pushed back on Bedingfield’s lies.

“Of course voters deserve an answer on his position on every issue,” Tapper said of Biden’s refusal to answer if he will pack the Supreme Court.

Biden is in big trouble with his refusal to answer the court packing question if even CNN is pushing back!


Joe Biden was confronted again on Saturday on whether he would pack the Supreme Court.

Biden once again dodged the question then claimed it’s the Republicans who are packing the court!

In fact, Biden said voters “don’t deserve” to know his position on court packing.

Joe Biden’s refusal to answer whether he will alter a branch of government should disqualify him from the race, but we don’t have a real media.

“The only court packing going on right now is going on with Republicans packing the court right now … I’m going to stay focused on it so we don’t take our eyes off the ball here.”

Filling a vacant SCOTUS seat is not “packing the court” — adding more seats to the Supreme Court, which Biden and Harris will do in order to overthrow the highest court of the land with Marxists, is packing the court.

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