Biden Tries to Clean Up Debate Comments on Closing Down Oil Industry, Claims Workers Won’t Lose Jobs

Democrat presidential nominee former Vice President Joe Biden tried to clean up his debate comment saying he would close down the oil industry, telling reporters afterward that he wants to end subsidies for fossil fuels and that “we’re not getting rid of fossil fuels for a long time.” Biden claimed workers will not lose their jobs and that they will be able to find new jobs in alternative energy.

Late in the debate held in Nashville Thursday night, President Trump steered Biden into an admission about his radical environmentalist plans, gently but persistently talking over moderator Kristen Welker in order to do so:

Welker: “Okay, I have one final question. If false…”

Trump: “Would he close down the oil industry? Would you close down the oil industry?”

Welker: “If false, if false…”

Biden: “By the way, I have a transition from the oil ministry, yes. I will transition.”

Trump: “Oh, that’s a big statement.”

Biden: “It is a big statement.”

Trump: “That’s a big statement.”

Biden: “Because I would stop…”

Welker: “Why would you do that?”

Biden: “Because the oil industry pollutes, significantly.”

Trump: “Oh, I see.”

Biden: “Here’s the deal. (Trump interrupts) If you’ll let me finish the statement. Because it has to be replaced by renewable energy over time. Over time. And I’d stop giving to the oil industry, I’d stop giving them federal subsidies. He won’t give federal subsidies to the gas, excuse me to the, to uh, solar and wind, why are we giving it to oil industry?”

Trump: “We actually do give it to solar and wind.”

Welker: “Alright. We have one final question.”

Trump: “That’s may be the biggest statement with in terms of business. That’s the biggest statement because what he’s saying is…”

Welker: “Okay, we have one final question. Mr. President…”

Trump: “…he is going to destroy the oil industry. Will you remember that Texas? Will you remember that Pennsylvania? Oklahoma? Ohio?”

Welker: “Okay, Vice President Biden, let me give you ten seconds to respond then I have to get to the final question. Vice President Biden.”

Biden: “He takes every thing out of context. But the point is, look, we have to move toward a net zero emissions. The first place to do that by the year 2035 is the energy production, by 2050: totally.”

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Following the debate the Biden campaign made an initial clean-up effort:

“Some pretty serious damage control coming now from the Biden camp which says Biden was referring to ending oil subsidies. “We are talking about oil subsides. I think he was very clear in his answer he was saying that he would like to eliminate oil subsidies.” — Kate Bedingfield (Deputy campaign manager.)

Biden later spoke to reporters on the tarmac before he flew out of Nashville:

Biden: “Eventually were going to have to go to oil, but we’re not getting rid of fossil fuels. We’re getting rid of the subsidies for fossil fuels, but we’re not getting rid of fossil fuels for a long time. It will not be gone for (inaudible) probably 2050.”

Reporter: “You’re saying basically millions of people in those industries are going to lose their jobs?”

Biden: “Well, they’re not going to lose their jobs. And besides, they’re gonna…there are a lot more jobs that are gonna be created in other alternatives.”

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