WATCH: Vernon Jones Responds To View Host Who Called Black Conservatives ‘Props’

Democrat Georgia state Rep. Vernon Jones stated on Twitter, “Hello, America. This is Representative Vernon Jones from Georgia. You know, I was listening to The View yesterday, someone sent me a clip and they were talking about polls in Florida. And Sunny Hostin, who I admire, I respect her as a woman, as African-American female, as a mother, as a wife, as a daughter. But I disagree with her, respectfully disagree with her, when she said that Blacks were paraded, that we were paraded across the stage at the Republican Convention.”

Sunny Hostin of The View, said that the GOP had ‘Black people props’ who were speaking at the Republican National Convention.

The View host in response to the Florida poll stated, “I actually wasn’t surprised to hear it because, um, Cubans in Florida typically do vote Republican. That wasn’t a surprise to me. It was a surprise to me that Black voters are overwhelmingly the backbone of the Democratic Party. Eighty-three percent in favor of Biden. You know, you hear all of this coming from the Trump campaign about how Black people have nothing to lose and they are going to overwhelmingly vote for Trump. And you had all the Black people props all over the RNC talking about all the stuff they’ve done for the Black community. You heard Sarah Sanders yesterday talking about all the things that have been done for the Black community by the Trump administration. They’re not voting for Trump. So the poll wasn’t really that surprising to me because Latinos have been very supportive and have voted Republican for quite some time.”

Georgia Representative Vernon Jones, who spoke at the RNC responded to Hostin’s derogatory remarks.

Rep. Jones said, “Well, I’ll say this. Hell of a lot more Blacks have been and are then paraded and carrying the water for Democrats and getting nothing in return. The water that they are actually carrying, they don’t even get a chance to drink it. And to say that Blacks aren’t supporting Donald Trump. It’s fake news. Many Blacks are gonna support Donald Trump more than they support him the last time. Why? Because he has a record of showing what he’s done to help Black people. And, you know, it’s ironic. In that same message, Sunny was saying that the Democrat Party take Blacks for granted. Well, this is one Black and I know many others that [Biden’s] taken for granted and the Democratic Party has taken for granted. And we’re not voting for Joe Biden. We’re voting for Donald Trump because of his record of helping the Black community. And Joe Biden’s lack of record for helping the Black community.”

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