Trump and Biden Perspectives Inside and Outside Venezuela

The electoral campaign carried out in the United States to define the Presidency may affect policies regarding Venezuela.

For this reason, Venezuelans from different sectors need understand the context. They are workers in the oil industry, professionals, and journalists, located in Venezuela and Colombia.

Also, many Venezuelans are speaking out on their expectations regarding the continuity or change in the White House.

According to the lawyer Yenny Vidal, the precariousness in which Venezuelans live is not a secret. Our lifestyle was systematically taken away by the socialist Chávez and later by the socialist Maduro. The dictator has fraudulently used tricks to seize power and keep himself in power.

Vidal says Biden is a candidate that does not present a clear proposal regarding Venezuela. She affirms that the Democrat has focused more on criticizing Trump’s policy and does not say how he could stop Maduro. He has defined nothing to face the dictator.

In other words, Biden has a track record of being complacent with regimes like Cuba, which means he will also be complacent with Maduro. He does not have a strategy that is a benefit for Venezuelans or the region in order to stop this tragedy.

Also the oil worker Armando Theis said that many people in Venezuela feel empathy with Trump’s strategy.  In addition, it would be the most beneficial for the people of the country, given the drastic measures Trump has taken.

However, Biden represents the continuation of the Democratic policies assumed by former President Barack Obama. There are those who believe Biden would be more flexible with the regime but many disagree with this.

President Trump has known how to hurt the economic side of the oil industry and revenues for Maduro, but he has been unpredictable.

Moreover, Theis says “we must remove the blindfold.”  It is not only the president who generates the change in EEUU (Venezuela) policy towards their interests.

Theis also says that when United State’s interests are at stake, either with a Republican or Democrat. The objectives don´t change. Perhaps he can change the way of assuming the policy against the socialist government. They have two hundred years of democracy, it is reflected in history.

On the other hand, journalist Javier Reyes says that for Venezuelans Biden is just another socialist who does not represent a real possibility to end the reality that Venezuelans face.

President Trump has made difficult decisions that have undermined the economic capacity of the Maduro regime but undoubtedly affect average citizens.

The vision outside Venezuela

The journalist Yelitza Allioti, explains that the people of Venezuela want a solution of peace if possible. President Trump since the last campaign announced his crusade towards Venezuela and hence the sanctions. The experts say that those are important steps, but for the people in Venezuela, everything is getting worse, especially with the COVID crisis.

Biden’s promises are just that. Perhaps, Biden could generate more support for Venezuelans in the United States or could try a rapprochement with Maduro. It is a difficult road for anyone taking over the White House. Trump will toughen his policy toward Maduro with more sanctions.

According to Allioti, Biden represents starting from scratch to renegotiate with the dictator, because Maduro will ask to consider sanctions to sit down to negotiate.

In other words, the real bottom of the problem lies in what to do with drug trafficking, terrorism, weapon trafficking and with the guerrillas.

Finally, Luis Verástegui thinks that military intervention would be the only way out to obliterate the socialist regime. Different strategies have been implemented and nothing has worked.

Verástegui says that for his family in Venezuela the situation is untenable. President Trump supports the Venezuelan cause along with other countries. He has delivered accurate blows against Maduro. In relation to Biden, I will not be able to tell you, because Venezuelans do not know his position.

The Venezuelans want the dictatorship to end. In addition, they want the leaders to unify positions. But, organized crime is not interested in losing  their center of operation. They will do everything possible for Maduro and his close circle to stay in power. Everyone wonders who the winner will be.


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