Sleepy Joe Biden Calls Lid Again, Tenth Time This Month

Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden is taking yet another day off from the campaign trail, with the announcement Saturday morning by his staff that a lid has been called for the day. This marks the tenth day in September that a morning lid has been called for Biden.

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Biden appeared at the Capitol Friday morning for the memorial for Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg where he gave a passing comment to a reporter before heading home where a lid was called around 1 p.m.

Reporter Mona Salama has been keeping tabs on the morning lid calls by Biden:

Biden will be making one appearance “live” via video Saturday afternoon as well as two taped appearances, reported Politico:

“A LID HAS BEEN CALLED in Wilmington, via PBS NewsHour’s LISA DESJARDINS: “Biden will have two appearances via video. The campaign told us: ‘The VP is delivering pre-recorded remarks to the L’ATTITUDES Conference as well as a taped interview with Stephanie Ruhle which will air on MSNBC at 12:00PM ET. The VP is also speaking live at the US Conference of Mayors at 2:45PM ET.” USCM watch link

Meanwhile President Trump will be announcing his choice to replace Ginsburg at a Rose Garden ceremony at the White House at 5 p.m. and then head to Pennsylvania for a campaign rally in Middeltown. At 3:15 p.m. Trump will meet with evangelical faith leaders in the Oval Office before announcing his Supreme Court nominee.

The AP reported Friday on concerns by Democrats about Biden’s lack of activity and response by the campaign. The article noted that while wife Jill Biden is campaigning around the country, Joe Biden stays home and on the rare occasions when he does travel he returns home at night so he can sleep in the comfortable surroundings of his own bedroom:

…”We are campaigning safely and effectively, and our message is reaching voters in battleground states and generating the enthusiasm and energy we need to beat Donald Trump,” said Biden spokesman TJ Ducklo.

…Biden’s aides say the relatively light schedule, small events and message discipline reflect the biggest issue still confronting most Americans today: the coronavirus pandemic. Biden also has sought to offer a responsible contrast to Trump and his rallies, where thousands forgo masks.

…Biden so far hasn’t spent the night anywhere while campaigning, flying back to Delaware to sleep at home every night. The cautious approach isn’t shared by Biden’s wife, Jill, who was in Washington with her husband on Friday morning but then flew to Maine, after making four campaign stops in Virginia the previous day. She’s going to Iowa, another state her husband has yet to visit in recent months, on Saturday.

President Trump commented Thursday at a rally in Jacksonville, Florida on how often Biden is calling a lid:

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