‘SHOOT ON SIGHT’: Robot Dog On City Street Triggers Fear

Boston Dynamics has been working on a robotic dog for the past years.

Last week they unleashed the robot — named “Spot” — on a a city street, prompting fear and jeers on social media.

The uploader moved the video clip from Twitter to Instagram.


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local celebrity yall…. pls know it was being controlled by a guy off camera it wasnt just wandering the city 💀

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“Shoot on sight,” one Twitter user wrote.


“Hit these with your car. Destroy them,” wrote another.

“Seeing a video of a Boston Dynamics robot actually out in public has filled me with dread. we can’t let this continue,” wrote yet another.

It’s not the first time the robot dogs have made waves.

“Boston Dynamics’ robot dogs have been deployed in Singapore to enforce social distancing during the Covid-19 pandemic, and some US police departments have acquired their own, causing consternation among civil liberties groups. However, the four-legged model has been available to the public since June for anyone with $74,500 to buy one, meaning this particular Spot might have belonged to a private citizen,” RT reported.

“The $74,500 USD ‘agile mobile robot,’ which can apparently be customized ‘a wide range’ of unnamed applications, can be ‘adapted for tasks ranging from industrial inspection to entertainment,’ and works via remote control and autonomy,” exclaim.co wrote.


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