RISING GOP STAR: Baltimore’s Kim Klacik Releases Another Blockbuster Campaign Ad

She’s done it again.

Kim Klacik, the GOP nominee for Maryland’s 7th Congressional District, killed it when she posted her first campaign video in August on her Twitter account.

Now, she’s back with a new one, and the sequel just might be better.

Here’s what she says:

“Our streets should be a reflection of our leaders: clean, not dirty,” she says in the ad, reports Fox News.

She offered some solutions. She said that she will support tax credits and incentive programs to give residents in the city a chance to buy some of the 17,000 vacant homes in the city. She said she wants to end the “school to prison pipeline” by introducing school choice.

She also talks about how there is a feeling in the city that it was somehow left behind, and once was one of the most “prosperous, populated and powerful” in the country. She said a “broken Baltimore does not have to be our future.” Klacik’s new ad ends with a group of women dressed in red forming a group behind her that appears eager to cast a vote for the Republican.

See the ad below:

Klacik also crushed it at the Republican National Convention in August. “I’m the first Black female Republican candidate running for a Maryland Congressional seat, ever,” Klacik said. “The Democrats have controlled my city, Charm City, for over 50 years and they have run this beautiful place into the ground. Abandoned buildings, liquor stores on every corner, drug addicts and guns on the street — that is now the norm in many neighborhoods.”

“You’d think Maryland taxpayers would be getting a whole lot since our taxes are out of control; instead, we are paying for decades of incompetence and corruption. Sadly, this same cycle of decay exists in many of America’s Democrat-run cities. And yet, the Democrats still assume that Black people will vote for them, no matter how much they let us down and take us for granted.

“Nope! We’re sick of it and not going to take it any more,” Klacik said. “The days of blindly supporting the Democrats are coming to an end. In Baltimore, we have the highest number of Black Republicans in the entire country running for office this election cycle.”

Klacik also slayed when she appeared on “The View” last week. When host Jot Behar began to lecture her, Klacik said: “Is this Joy speaking? The same Joy that paraded around in blackface not too long ago? Come on, Joy. I don’t think you should be asking these questions.”

The thin-skinned Behar then cuts Klacik off and ends the segment.


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