‘Reporter’ Asks Biden Softball Question About Trump’s ‘Disinformation Campaign’ Aimed at Latino Voters as He Boards Flight to Tampa (VIDEO)

77-year-old Joe Biden on Tuesday boarded a flight to Tampa, Florida in a desperate move to reach out to the Latino community.

This is the first time Joe Biden is visiting Florida since he decided to hide in his basement more than 6 months ago.

Biden will be holding a veterans roundtable event in Tampa then he will head over to Kissimmee to pander to the Latino community.

Biden usually boards flights without taking any questions from reporters but he decided to venture over to the gaggle of friendly ‘media.’

A so-called reporter asked Joe Biden about his plan to handle Trump’s ‘disinformation campaign’ targeting Latino voters in Florida.

Biden says his plan is to “just tell the truth. Everybody knows who Trump is. People are going to show up and vote.”


Joe Biden has a serious problem among Florida Hispanic voters and it has nothing to do with a disinformation campaign.

Latinos from South America and Cuba who have suffered under Socialist and Communist regimes have come to the US for a better life and they know Biden and Harris will usher in Socialism which = suffering and death.


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