Massive Crowd of Supporters Gather Several Hours Before President Trump’s Rally in Mosinee, Wisconsin (VIDEO)

President Trump is holding a rally Thursday night at 8 PM local time in Mosinee, Wisconsin, a small town northwest of Green Bay.

Hundreds of supporters lined up 8 hours before the event.


The crowd continued to grow:

Trump supporters at the event who have family and friends in Kenosha, Wisconsin, are voting for Trump primarily for “a safer America.”


“I think he’s doing precisely what he needs to do. He’s showing up in this state again, and again, and again,” a Racine resident who lined up to see the president on Thursday told Fox 6. “Hillary (Clinton) didn’t show up once last time and he won Wisconsin. Now he’s showed up a lot.”

Of courser the jealous Democrat blasted President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence for holding massive outdoor rallies in Wisconsin…during a presidential election.

“Mike Pence was just here in Wisconsin, in Janesville, holding a super-spreader event and Donald Trump is going to be doing the same thing in Mosinee, Wisconsin,” said State Rep. Melissa Sargent (D-Madison). “This is a total dismissal of the reality of COVID.”