Leaked DHS Document Directly Undercuts Claims Made by Latest Whistleblower Championed by Adam Schiff

A leaked DHS document obtained by CBS News reporter Catherine Herridge directly undercuts claims made by Adam Schiff’s latest whistleblower.

Last week House Intel Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) crawled out of his hole and said he received a ‘new whistleblower complaint’ alleging Russia is meddling in the election.

Whistleblower Brian Murphy, who was the principal deputy under secretary in the Office of Intelligence and Analysis at the DHS before he was demoted, says DHS chief Chad Wolf instructed him to withhold intel notifications on Russian meddling because ‘it made Trump look bad.’

Murphy also claims Wolf instructed him to focus more on efforts by Iran and China, but he refused to comply because “doing so would put the country in substantial and specific danger.”

According to investigative reporter John Solomon, witness and Homeland Security Deputy General Counsel Ian Brekke plans to undercut Murphy’s claims in a transcribed interview with the Intelligence Committee.

The Trump administration is producing documents and a senior Homeland Security Department witness to undercut allegations made by the latest federal whistleblower to be championed by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff.

According to three officials with direct knowledge, Homeland Security Deputy General Counsel Ian Brekke plans to tell the Intelligence Committee in a transcribed interview Tuesday that Murphy improperly ordered the surveillance of journalists he believed had obtained his leaked work emails.

Brekke also plans to testify that no superiors at Homeland ever instructed Brekke to surveil journalists or to manipulate intelligence concerning Homeland threats, such as Russian and other foreign efforts to interfere in the U.S. election or terrorism concerns about white supremacists, the three officials said.

John Solomon’s reporting is backed up by leaked documents obtained by Catherine Herridge.

DHS says emails between (whistleblower) Murphy and colleagues are in “direct contradition to Mr Murphy’s (IG) claims” that officials sought to censor or manipulate intel for political purposes. KEY EMAIL: While redacted in parts, the July 25, 2020 Murphy email reads in part, “The acting secretary has never given me any direction on what to do Regarding [sic] threats. The same applies to the acting deputy secretary.”

Another email obtained by Herridge confirms that Antifa is a well organized group, contrary to what the fake news media and Democrat Rep. Nadler says.

“We can’t say any longer that this violent situation is opportunistic,” wrote Murphy. “Additionally, we have overwhelmingly intelligence regarding the ideologies driving individuals towards violence and why the violence has continued.”

“A core set of Threat actors are organized, show up night after night, share common TTPs and drawing on like minded individuals to their cause.”

“I recognize we may not be able to attribute every individual as VAAI however we need to look at the totality of the intelligence both current and previous and recognize the motivation for the violence and why people have shown up to commit violence for about 60 days. And why the individuals are using social media to encourage the VAAI on the ground to carry out acts of violence.”

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