Kamala Harris Says More Police on the Streets Won’t Make Communities Safer: “What We Will do is Reimagine Public Safety” (VIDEO)

Democrat Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris on Tuesday said more police officers on the streets won’t make communities safer.

She also agreed with the claim that America was founded on “racism, sexism and other evils.”

“It is outdated, it is wrong-headed thinking to think that the only way you’re gonna get communities to be safe is to put more police officers on the street,” Harris said. “What we have to do and what we will do is reimagine public safety.”

Kamala Harris made these statements on Tuesday during a campaign event in Detroit, Michigan as Sleepy Joe napped all day in his Delaware basement.


Kamala Harris is a far-left radical Marxist who will be running the show if Biden (God forbid) wins the election.

It will be a Harris-Biden administration and both Phony Kamala and Sleepy Joe have admitted it!

Kamala Harris is dangerous.

Recall, the Black Lives Matter bail fund promoted by Kamala Harris bailed out a man who is accused of raping an 8-year-old girl.

The Minnesota Freedom Fund, which was promoted by Harris, secured the release of the alleged pedophile in July as well as other dangerous accused murderers and felons.

But Kamala Harris says all we have to do is just “reimagine public safety” in order to keep our children and communities safe.

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