Jill Biden Speaks to a Handful of Supporters in Maine While Feeble Joe Naps in His Basement (VIDEO)

Jill Biden on Friday afternoon spoke to a handful of supporters in Orono, Maine while her feeble husband napped in his Delaware basement.


Only a handful of people showed up in the blue state of Maine to see Jill speak.

Donald Trump Jr. pulled a bigger crowd in Maine this week.


Joe is napping in his Delaware basement with 39 days to go until the election.

77-year-old Biden took the rest of the day off early Friday afternoon upon returning home in Delaware from Washington, D.C. after attending the morning memorial at the Capitol for Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Today is the 10th day this month that Joe Biden has shut down pool reporters and called a lid before noon and the media is starting to get concerned.

Jill Biden is also expected to stump for Joe on Saturday in Iowa.


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