CONFIRMED: The Leftist Atlantic Behind the Garbage Military Hit Piece on Trump — Is Owned by a Joe Biden Mega-Donor

On Thursday The Atlantic website published a garbage hit piece on President Donald Trump and his alleged hatred of the military and US veterans.

President Trump has done more for the US military than any president in decades.  Trump is also the first president in decades who DID NOT start any new wars or send American soldiers into conflict with unwinnable and dangerous restrictions.

The garbage hit piece also comes as President Trump continues to surge in the polls following the amazing RNC convention and the continued leftist riots across the country.

The liberal media and FOX News have been pushing this article that is based entirely on alleged anonymous sources.

The hit piece was immediately debunked.


It wasn’t that long ago The Atlantic was bought by Laurene Powell Jobs — a huge leftist and Joe Biden mega-donor.
So it all makes sense now.

Via Jack Posobiec.

And former Obama official Ben Rhodes is on staff there.


Goldberg, the author of the unsourced garbage article, likely promoted by the globalist neocon warmongers, who hate President Trump’s Afghanistan, Syria, and Germany troop-moving decisions, is considered the unofficial stenographer of Obama.

Joe Biden is incapable of defending himself in his current mental state so look for more crappy hit pieces on President Trump, in the coming weeks, including from Goldberg himself.  He epitomizes everything which is wrong with most all the media.

These people will stop at nothing to lord over you. Biden is losing on all fronts because the voters know he’s a Trojan horse for the Marxist lefties, and the Covid and Economy topics are big losers for him.

They had to change the subject, ahead of Labor Day, a very critical time in the election cycle. It is curious that the Biden Camp had ads made on topic, ahead of the release of the disgusting phony article. The media, with zero credibility left, are accomplices with the Biden “child”, as the President called him on Friday, having witnessed their puerile soft questioning of Joe Hiden’.

The voters, however, see through it all. They will have to save the country from being run by lunatics.

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