WATCH: Democrats Threatened Backlash If Biden Didn’t Choose A Black Woman For Vice President (VIDEO)

Democrat operatives have threatened backlash against Joe Biden and if he does not select a Black woman for his vice presidential running mate.

These are some statements people said, “Vice President Biden. You need us. You owe us.”

“America needs a black woman Vice President. Candidates like Amy Klobuchar will not energize us. America needs a black woman Supreme Court Justice.”

A field director for Richland County Democratic Party in South Carolina shares her thoughts on Biden picking a woman of color, “Well, you know, that’s been an interesting question and a lot of conversations surrounding that decision that Joe Biden made himself. You know, it was he himself who came out and said that his V.P. pick was going to be a woman and it was going to be a woman of color. And so it’s exciting. You know, while we’re all anticipating who that person is going to be. And we have a wealth of qualified candidates for him to choose from.”

The field director is then asked about the African-American voting block, “Well, you know, the African-American vote, it’s a huge part of our democracy and it’s a huge part of who essentially who wins the presidential candidacy. One of the nice things and one of the things that I’m most proud of is the African-American female is the largest and the strongest voting bloc in our country.”

She continued to answer about African-American women playing a significant role, “Exactly. And the thing that’s the most impressive. It’s consistent. And it continues to build and I understand why Biden wants to pick a woman, and a woman of color. We certainly can see the benefits of him choosing of making that choice.”

The field director also responded if there is a danger to not picking an African-American woman for Joe Biden, “Well, no, I don’t believe there’s a danger. And that’s you know, it’s interesting to me because I am I look at his choice of life to select a female as something that’s needed in higher political office. And so I look at that lens through the eyes of a woman first.”

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