WATCH: Black Republican Candidate Asks Black Baltimore Residents If They Want To “Defund The Police” (VIDEO)

Kimberly Klacik is running for a seat in the house after losing a special election earlier this year for Maryland’s 7th district against Democratic Rep. Kweisi Mfume.

In a recent campaign ad, Klacik stated “Do you care about Black lives? The people that run Baltimore don’t. I can prove it. Walk with me. They don’t want you to see this. I’m Kim Klacik. This is Baltimore, the real Baltimore. This is a reality for black people every single day. Crumbling infrastructure, abandoned homes, poverty, and crime. Baltimore’s been run by the Democrat Party for 53 years. What is the result of their decades of leadership? Baltimore is one of the top five most dangerous cities in America.”

Klacik continued to question, “Do you believe black lives matter? I do. The vast majority of crime in Baltimore is perpetrated against Black people who make up 60 percent of the population. So why do we care about our communities? The Democrat Party have betrayed the Black people of Baltimore. If the politicians walked the streets like I do, they would see exactly how their policies and corruption affect them. But they don’t want to see it, they don’t want you to see this.”

Klacik went to a Baltimore neighborhood and asked some residents if they want to defund the police.

One resident stated, “I had three sons killed in Baltimore City. And I think if we defund the police officers, it’s going to be worser than that. So, no, I’m opposed to that.”

Klacif founded ‘Potential Me’, a nonprofit that helps women find employment.

She shared, “I guess you got to look at what I have experience in doing. You know, my whole thing is right now, from what I see in Baltimore, there’s a lack of career opportunities. I’ve helped over 200 women become gainfully employed, 30 percent went on to be financially independent. That’s what I have experienced in doing.”

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