WATCH: 7-Year-Old Who Wanted To Become Police Officer Falls Victim To Street Violence (VIDEO)

An outdoor vigil was held for 7-year-old Zamar Jones who was shot while playing on his porch in Philadelphia. Zamar had aspirations to become a police officer. Violent activity has been on the rise in major cities across the United States and over the weekend, Chicago experienced a drastic increase in looting.

Zamar’s great aunt questioned, “I don’t understand and we out here, we’re sending up balloons for my little nephew when-. That’s all we can do?”

She continued speaking about Zamar’s mother saying, “She can’t even come back to the block. That’s why we got to do it out here in the park. She don’t want to see the block. The kids are scared.”

Zamar’s great aunt also shared, “He was precious. He was beautiful, you know. And to take his life. To take his life. It ain’t right. It destroys a family. And you think anybody care? You think them guys care? You think they lose their sleep? I don’t think so.”

Police are still looking for two men and have a third person already in custody, charged with attempted murder and also facing other charged as well.

As violent activity continues to be on the rise through major cities across the United States, In the North and Clyborn area people were seen coming in and out of a Best Buy, debris scattered all outside of the parking lot.

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