Violence Erupts at Stone Mountain Confederate Memorial in Georgia in Clash Between Right-Wing Activists VS Antifa-BLM Terrorists (VIDEO)

Armed right-wing III% activists on Saturday clashed with Antifa terrorists on Stone Mountain Park in Georgia.

The Three Percenters gathered on Stone Mountain for a rally when Black Lives Matter Marxists along with masked Antifa terrorists showed up to counter protest.

“We’re gonna use the 2nd Amendment to protect the 1st Amendment,” III% Security Force militia leader Chris Hill told reporter, Ford Fischer.

Local officials last month denied the Three Percenters a permit to hold a rally, however they showed up anyway to defend the Confederate memorial.

Things quickly turned violent.

Bats and sticks were used in a violent brawl between right=wing activists vs Marxists.


Police in riot gear eventually arrived and yelled at the crowd to disperse.

Additional footage (language warning):