Slow Joe Biden is So Diminished Elle Had to Severely Edit Him Mid-Sentence to Make Him Sound Coherent in Interview with Rapper Cardi B (VIDEO)

Slow Joe Biden kicked off convention week with an interview with rapper Cardi B as part of her Elle Magazine cover shoot.

Cardi B, who is known for vulgar rap lyrics, demanded “free” Medicare and college tuition while telling Biden to ease up on the taxes.

77-year-old Joe struggled through the softball interview because of his cognitive decline so Elle had to severely edit him mid-sentence to make him sound coherent.


More edits:

Joe Biden refuses to sit down with Fox News anchor Chris Wallace, he won’t sit down with Jonathan Swan from Axios and his handlers shoo away the press every time he speaks in public.

But he’ll do a softball interview, with edits, with a rapper known for vulgar lyrics who has made pronouncements such as: ‘Ever since I started using guys, I feel so much better about myself. I feel so damn powerful.’