“Oh, God. Bette Midler’s A Racist’: Singer Says Of Melania — ‘Get That Illegal Alien Off The Stage’

Bette Midler is losing it.

The singer spent Tuesday night ripping first lady Melania Trump in a series of vicious posts on Twitter.

“Get that illegal alien off the stage!” she wrote in one post. “Oh, God. She still can’t speak English,” she wrote in another.

Midler also told the first lady, “You are one lucky Slovenian! And after all that surgery, you hit a kind of horrible jackpot, chained to [a] colossal idiot.”

Midler also wrote: “Melania lacks warmth so severely that I just had to turn my AC down.”

Twitterers blasted the singer, with Kennedy of Fox News saying, “Who knew xenophobia was the wind beneath your wings!”

Former CNN host Piers Morgan tweeted: “Oh, God. Bette Midler’s a racist.”

Others pointed out that the first lady, who was born and raised in Yugoslavia before coming to the U.S., speaks five languages.



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