Michelle Obama Taped Her Biden Convention Speech Over a Week Ago

Talk about mailing it in. Former First Lady Michelle Obama recorded her Joe Biden speech for Monday night’s keynote slot at the Democrat convention over a week ago. Clips of the speech were released Monday, along with a promo report by the Associated Press featuring spin from Obama loyalist Valerie Jarrett. Obama’s speech is set to air in the 10 p.m. Eastern hour.

The AP puff piece report did have the news nugget that Obama taped her speech before former Vice President Biden chose Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) for his vice presidential running mate last Tuesday.

…“This election is very personal for her,” Jarrett told The Associated Press. “She’s going to take this opportunity to speak about Vice President Biden in two ways: competency, which she had a chance to observe first-hand while he served as her husband’s vice president, but also his profoundly decent character.”…

…“She knows the lengths that people are going through, around our country, to suppress the vote and it’s why she has poured so much of her energy into getting folks registered and educated about voting,” Jarrett said.

In keeping with the virtual nature of the convention because of the coronavirus, Mrs. Obama’s remarks were recorded before Biden’s announcement last Tuesday that he had chosen California Sen. Kamala Harris as his running mate.

But Mrs. Obama wrote lengthy posts on her Facebook and Instagram accounts praising Harris, a Black woman born to Jamaican and Indian parents, after she joined the Democratic ticket…

Short excerpt posted by the DNC to YouTube:

Longer excerpt:

At campaign stops in Mankato, Minnesota and Oshkosh, Wisconsin on Monday, President Trump commented on Obama making a pre-recorded speech for Biden:



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