Lawmakers Groan After Vile Democrat Asks Postmaster General Louis DeJoy if His “Backup Plan is to be Pardoned Like Roger Stone” (VIDEO)

House Democrats on the Oversight Committee attacked Postmaster General Louis DeJoy during his testimony on Monday.

Democrats purposely held a hearing on the so-called operational changes made to the USPS as the Republicans kicked off their convention.

The Democrats attacked DeJoy and spread more disinformation about the operational changes he made to the USPS and suggested his actions were criminal.

One vile Democrat tried to intimidate DeJoy by suggesting he would be indicted for delaying mail delivery.

“But somehow you can delay all the mail and get away with it?” Rep. Cooper asked DeJoy.

“All my actions have to do with improving the Postal Service,” DeJoy replied. “Am I the only one in this room that understands that we have a $10 billion a year loss?”

“Mr. DeJoy, is your backup plan to be pardoned like Roger Stone?” Democrat Rep. Jim Cooper (TN) said.

There was a collective groan from other lawmakers and someone could be heard saying: “Oh, God. Pitiful.”

“I have no comment on that. It’s not worth a comment.” DeJoy said.


DeJoy hit back hard after Democrat Rep. Stephen Lynch asked him if he will put the high-speed machines back.


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