Is Jill Biden Running For President? Jill Does In-Person Interview with CBS as Feeble Joe Hides in His Basement (VIDEO)

Is Jill Biden running for President?

Jill Biden did an in-person interview with CBS Sunday Morning with host Rita Braver.

Meanwhile feeble Joe Biden is hiding in his basement and refuses to do interviews with members of the press.

As expected, Rita Braver didn’t ask Jill Biden any tough questions about her pervert husband’s criminal past.

In fact, Rita Braver didn’t even mention Tara Reade’s name, the woman who accused Biden of sexual assault.

She glossed over the subject and didn’t go into detail, giving Jill Biden an opportunity to brush off the assault as something as simple as ‘Joe just got into someone’s personal space.’

Jill Biden also asserted that all accusations against Hunter Biden and his shady business dealings in Ukraine and China are just a distraction drummed up by the Trump campaign.

When the camera panned over to Joe Biden, he wasn’t even in the room speaking directly to Rita Braver — rather it was Biden on a monitor speaking from his basement.

Joe Biden is so weak that his wife has to get out there and speak for him.


Last week Jill Biden appeared on Fox News and reassured the viewers that her husband, Sleepy Joe would show up to the debates against President Trump.

Jill Biden previously delivered Sleepy Joe’s 2020 campaign message as her husband stood next to her and blinked.

77-year-old Joe can hardly string a sentence together without stumbling so now his wife is talking for him.

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