“F*ck Trump!” – Antifa Terrorists Burn Bibles, American Flags in Front of Federal Courthouse in Portland (VIDEO)

Antifa-BLM terrorists Friday night burned a stack of Bibles and American flags in front of the federal courthouse in Portland.

Further proof that the rioting has nothing to do with the death of George Floyd and everything to do with destroying the Judeo-Christian values that shape the US.

Authorities said the militants on Friday night set several fires.


The left-wing militants also burned American flags.


Antifa screamed, “F*ck Trump!” as they burned an American flag.


After more than 60 days of non-stop rioting in Portland, Barack Obama this week slammed the Trump Administration for sending federal officers to quell the riots.

Obama and Biden refer to these Bible-burning, American flag-burning terrorists as “peaceful protesters.”

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