Fake News CBS Reporter Paula Reid Insinuates President Trump Heard Speaker Say “Monkey” in Obama Spygate Lincoln Project Hoax

CBS News reporter and Trump nemesis Paula Reid took a cheap shot at President Trump on Monday over the bogus Obama spygate-monkey controversy made up by the Lincoln Project.

Paula Reid argues with President Trump at a press conference, screen image, April 13.

In video from Trump’s speech, when Trump mentions Obama, a voice is heard shouting out, “Spygate!” Trump pauses and another softer voice is heard saying, “Sleepy Joe!” Trump jocularly admonishes the speaker saying, “Let’s be nice. Biden…This could only happen in North Carolina.” A third voice is then heard shouting, “Drain the swamp!”

The Trump campaign posted a video clip of Trump’s remarks:

The Lincoln Project posted a (now deleted) tweet falsely accusing Trump of enjoying that a person yelled out “monkey!” when Trump accused former President Obama of spying on his campaign. The person yelled “Spygate!” but that didn’t stop the smear machine from going into high gear.

While some liberal outlets like Talking Points Memo and Raw Story went with the smear, other outlets and reporters steered clear with some trying to clear the record like Vox’s Aaron Rupar who is not known for being fair to Trump.

“I don’t think this is right. I went back and re-listened. The man yells “spygate!” and then someone in the crowd says, “Sleepy Joe!” That latter remark is the one Trump joked about.”

Enter Paula Reid who tweeted over the now-deleted Lincoln Project video that she thinks Trump heard something other than “spygate” (wink, wink), “My producer and I listened to the original audio with headphones on and it actually sounds like this person is yelling “spygate” but that’s doesn’t explain why Trump stopped, told him to be nice & made a joke about NC. Seems like Trump may have heard something different ….”

Reid has fellow company in Blue Check liberal Rex Chapman who, in response to Ann Coulter, told his nearly one million Twitter followers, “Trump thought the guy said monkey. That why the laughter. Thats why the “be nice”. That’s why the “”only in North Carolina”. Only conservatives believe otherwise”

Even though the Lincoln Project deleted their smear after the video got over 600,00 views, the smear lives on with an echo of the smear at over 300,000 views and growing:


UPDATE: Jessica Chasamr with the Washington Times noted that NBC News and the Guardian also initially went with the “monkey” smear.

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