Creepy Florida Teacher Writes Own Obituary In China Flu Freakout

Whitney Leigh Reddick, a special education teacher for Duval County Schools in Jacksonville, Florida has been pushed to the brink Democrat and mainstream media’s false narratives about the Chinese Flu (COVID-19).

As these groups continue to push unconstitutional mask ordinances, which have suggested you should be arrested for not wearing a mask in your own home or that you don a mask during intercourse, many Americans are literally losing their minds.

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We have seen people attacked by these mask freaks on a daily basis and now this Florida teacher is writing her own obituary to protest the re-opening of schools in Florida. Whitney Leigh Reddick is of course blaming President Trump and Ron DeSantis for the China virus, while completely ignoring the proven recovery rates of patients dosed with Hydroxychloroquine. Media across the country has predictably granted martyr status to Reddick, fueling her very unstable behavior.

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Reddick who we have confirmed is an actual teacher, weirdly refers to herself as a COVID-security guard, firefighter, human shield in the disturbing fake obituary. She also references how she has fought injustice. This is yet another example of how the Democrat +media induced hysteria is churning out mental patients by the hour.

With profound sadness, I announce the passing of Whitney Leigh Reddick. A loving and devoted teacher, mother, daughter, wife, aunt, and friend to all whose lives she touched, on August 7th, 2020.

She left us while alone in isolation and on a ventilator at a Duval county hospital in Jacksonville, Florida. She was in her 33rd year.

Whitney was born on February 21st, 1987 in Jacksonville, Florida to Charles and Fay Reddick, whom she is survived.

She and her husband, Evan met in elementary school, sharing multiple of the same teachers and continued their education together through middle and high school. Though Whitney and Evan never dated in high school they rekindled their friendship in January of 2013 and wed in June of the following year. Whitney and Evan welcomed their first, and only child in June of 2019.

Talon Charles Peterson was born at 4:10 am on June 3rd. Talon and Whitney share many character traits. He loves to share toys, pre-chewed food, and half drank sippy cups. Talon turned 14 months the month his mother passed. Being so young his memories of her will fade and he will only have those that were captured in film. He will have a hole only a few children bear. However, more now than ever before.

Whitney was a lover however, that may not have always seemed her motive, but you knew that was the only force by the passion in her voice. She fought with vigor for things she believed in. She stood up to injustice, embraced those who differed from her, and truly listened when spoken to.

Whitney never took the easy path, she was assertive, strong-willed, and bossy, she loved that word because, to her, it meant female leadership. She invested the time and dedication in improving and honing her passions to give them a voice, to not cower because she seemed too loud, too aggressive, or uneducated. She was introspective and when an adversary arose, she listened, therefore, to become better equipped in leaving the adversary unarmed and better informed.

However, even though she shouted from the rooftops, attempted to be unemotional, and educated herself in facts and science, she succumbed to the ignorance of those in power. She returned to work, did her best to handle all the roles placed on her shoulders; educator, COVID-security guard, human shield, firefighter, social worker, nurse, and caregiver but the workload weakened her, and the virus took hold. Whitney was taken from us. Yes, of course too soon, but we are the ones left with holes in our hearts, missing how big hers was.

The next time you stub your toe and curse like a sailor you know those words were taken from her soul and flown straight to your lips. We all have a little ‘Whitney’ in us.

Please send your condolences to Governor Ron DeSantis, Mayor Lenny Curry, and finally the Duval County School Board and Superintendent.

Whitney asks that donations be made in lieu of flowers to Making Strides with Autism in her honor.

Reddick has subsequently blamed “those in power” for the response to the Chinese Flu pandemic, though she conveniently leaves out Dr. Fauci and the CDC’s failure to promote HCQ as a treatment or address how people like New York Governor Andrew Cuomo are killing their citizens. All of her targets have been Republicans.

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