BLM-Antifa Militants Rove Into Residential Neighborhood, Threaten to Murder Portland Residents, “We’re Gonna Burn Your Building Down!” (VIDEO)

Antifa-BLM militants roved into residential neighborhoods in Portland Saturday night and threatened to kill people in an apartment building.

“Black Lives Matter!” the rioters chanted in the middle of the night causing residents to awaken.

“We’re gonna burn your building down!” a terrorist screamed at a person who looked out their window.

“We know where you live!!

One of the terrorists accused the Portland resident of “internalizing Capitalism” for wanting to sleep so they can work.

“You’ve really internalized Capitalism if you’re more worried about getting a good night’s sleep so you can f*cking work!” the terrorist said.

Antifa is now threatening to burn down an apartment building because a person expressed they needed to sleep.

There is probably children in the building as well.

WATCH(language warning):

Earlier Saturday night Portland Police declared a riot as Antifa broke inside union hall and started a fire.

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