Black Democrat Nominee for Minnesota House Seat Screams Obscenities at Young White Girls in Their Driveway, Yells “Blue Lives Don’t Matter! F*ck Your Blue Lives”

John Thompson, a Black man who was friends with Philando Castile, won the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party (DFL) nomination for the 67a District (St. Paul) seat for the Minnesota State House on Tuesday. On Saturday Thompson terrorized a group of white children in a residential neighborhood in the Minneapolis suburb of Hugo, using a sound system to scream obscenities at several teenage white girls standing in a nearby driveway watching a Black Lives Matter protest at the home of Minneapolis police union president Bob Kroll. Thompson screamed, “Blue lives don’t matter! Blue lives ain’t shit!”

Video of Thompson was posted to Twitter by Alpha News MN:

“…black skin I’m in! I’m a Black man being terrorized by this fucking Klansman right here! We are terrorized by the Grand Wizard! You got the Grand Wizard living in your goddamn neighborhood! All the Klan exist in Hugo, Minnesota! And it’s right here! Don’t run now! Don’t run now, racist white people! I’m here! Oh yeah, we pull up! We pulled the fuck up! Over here! Come on over — f*ck your blue lives matter! Blue Lives ain’t shit! And if people in Hugo don’t support Black people, fuck Hugo, Minnesota!…”

Transcribed by TGP.

KMSP-TV report on Thompson’s primary victory:

Thompson’s ‘about’ from his campaign site:

“I was born in Chicago and grew up in Minnesota. I’ve lived on the east side of St. Paul for over 18 years. About six years ago, I had become very close friends with Philando Castile because we both got to know each other. We both worked at St. Paul Public Schools together. I went to fix the machines at his school so we got to know each other that way. On July 6, 2016, Philando Castile was stopped by a police officer from the city of Falcon Heights for a traffic stop. Philando honestly disclosed that he had a gun and a license to carry. After disclosing, the officer shot and killed Philando with his girlfriend next to him, and their baby in the backseat. The death of Philando shook my world apart. I knew that I could no longer stay silent to continue to accept this norm. This norm that as a black man, even if I obey the laws, I will still get shot and killed by the law enforcement that is supposed to protect me. After this wake up call, I knew that I had to do something about changing the policies that impact us all and that is why I decided to have a public life, and to run to represent my hometown of 67A.”

John Thompson family photo from ‘about’ page.

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