Will Roger Stone’s Final Hail Mary Work? Patriots Await Pardon From Trump

With a week until Roger Stone is set to turn himself in to a Coronavirus infested Georgia federal correctional institute, the longtime Trump advisor has filed one last appeal in D.C. federal court challenging Judge Amy Berman Jackson’s recent ruling denying 67-year old with a history of asthma a reprieve due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Obama-appointed Judge is determined to punish Roger Stone for refusing to back down to her tyrannical kangaroo court and for his refusal to bear false witness against President Donald Trump. During his trial, she not only disgraced herself and the judicial system, Judge Amy Berman Jackson let her contempt for the American people, truth, rule of law, Roger Stone and Donald Trump ooze from every ruling or rant she made.

Stone Surrender Extension Appeal by Jacob Engels on Scribd

In a statement to The Gateway Pundit, Stone called his emergency appeal’s chances of reversing Judge Amy Berman Jackson’s “remote, despite the strength of our appeal.”

My lawyers just filed an emergency appeal with the DC Circuit Court of Appeals to appeal Judge Amy Berman Jackson’s ruling denying my motion to delay my surrender date because of the dangers of Covid-19, ordering my home confinement, and ordering me to prison on July 14. I have filed this appeal because the Judge’s decision is wrong on the law, the precedents in the DC Circuit and in all cases, including other circuits, for COVID-19 delayed surrender and compassionate release since the pandemic began. 

It is also based on her incorrect assertion that the prison she wants to send me to has NO confirmed cases of COVID-19. I recognize that the chances are overwhelming that the appeals court will remand the matter back to Judge Jackson, but it is vitally important that the American people see all of the incorrect claims in her most recent ruling. As for the hysterical Democrats who insist that I have been given “Special Treatment ” by the Justice Department  I would point out that  although Jackson’s ruling went against the DOJ’s own uniform policy to agree to 60 day extensions in surrender due to COVID-19, the DOJ is now opposing my emergency motion on appeal even after not opposing it originally.  

I want the President to know that I have, in good faith, exhausted all of my legal remedies and that only an act of clemency by the Presideny will provide Justice in my case. 

This is a case in which I was charged on politically motivated, fabricated charges and was denied a fair trial by an unbiased judge, an honest jury, and uncorrupted and non political prosecutors. It is important that people understand that the same people who attempted to destroy General Flynn and are attempting to destroy me, are the same people who tried twice to illegally and seditiously remove the president from office.

Roger Stone Forced to Report to Prison in a Week Where a Pedophile and a Wire and Bank Fraud Convict Were Released for China Coronavirus Concerns

GP contributor Joe Hoft has covered Stone’s case extensively, recently exposing how pedophiles and sex offenders have been released from the very prison Stone is set to be jailed, for “health concerns related to Coronavirus.” To think that we have a federal judges who think that a 67-year old victim of a sham political show trial for non-violent process crimes deserves to die in a Coronavirus prison but pedophiles don’t is not only unimaginable… it is shockingly evil.

Roger’s wife Nydia recently made a compelling and emotional plea to President Trump to pardon her husband and save his life.

Stone’s appeal to the DC Court of Appeals is indeed his final shot at escaping a death sentence. Will President Trump listen and will patriots across America demand action in time to spare Roger Stone?


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