WATCH: Yugoslavian Shows How Communists Rose To Power In Her Country, Issues Warning To All Americans (VIDEO)

The woman first states, “This is my message for the greatest country in the world. In the light of the recent events in the United States, I felt morally obliged to shed light on a very similar chain of events that took place in my country during the 90s. The cause of those events was the same, a constantly reemerging ultimate evil.”

She continues, “Legalistic, non-theistic religion/cult that caused hundreds of millions of deaths in the 20th century and countless suffering. Now, proponents of that religion want to run the experiment once again. And in that experiment, you people of America will be lab mice.”

“Not so long ago, I was a lab mouse of dictators in my country. That country was Yugoslavia.”

Rather than giving you lessons about the history of my country, I want to give you the timeline of the events which led to an extremely bloody war and the dissolution of Yugoslavian Federacy. I will leave it to you to make conclusions about similarities with recent events in United States.”

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