WATCH: Seattle Stores Get Vandalized By Protestors, Police Officer Describes What Happened During the Latest Leftist Rioting (VIDEO)

Antifa and Black Lives Matter protestors arrived in Seattle and vandalized an Amazon store by smashing its windows. Police officers were attacked by rioters as they defended their police precinct.

A Seattle police officer reported, “A peaceful demonstration was held for a couple of hours. About three hours later, a secondary group of demonstrators showed up and they were carrying baseball bats.”

The Seattle Officer later continued, “The protesters then lit mortar type fireworks and then threw them at officers from a very close range. The devices that they threw can blind, maim, and kill people when thrown from these short of distances. Excuse me. The result is at least 12 officers during this confrontation were injured. At least one officer is being treated at the hospital after fragmentation entered his neck and throat area. The other officers are being assessed and treated at the precinct during this time. The police department used blast balls and pepper spray to stop the assault that was occurring on officers.”

As news videographers set up their cameras, they were ambushed by screaming rioters and protestors were also seen protesting again ICE.

Click below to watch what happened to the Amazon store!


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