WATCH: Conservative Woman Michelle Malkin Confronted By BLM Activists At Pro-Police Rally (VIDEO)

Conservative pundit Michelle Malkin was confronted by Black Lives Matter activists during a pro-police rally in Denver, Colorado.

Malkin recounted her experiences at the rally during a radio interview.

She was first asked, “How are you? Were you physically hurt when you were assaulted by BLM Antifa?”

Malkin replied, “Physically, I’m OK. I was manhandled. I was pushed. I lost a shoe, which is kind of comical in a sense. But there were so many things that failed.”

She added, “And I’ve held these types of rallies dozens of times now over the course of my career. This is the first time that it got out of control. This is the first time that I witnessed violence within a foot of me. And I had aerosol string, silly spring sprayed in my face by a phalanx of BLM women.”

Malkin continued, “You can see how close and how threatening they were to me and other women. And this is one of the tactics that we’ve seen now, especially over the last couple of months. The so-called peaceful protesters. The so-called peaceful protesters, will put women in the front line while they’re coordinating the real bloody violence.”

Click below to watch her confrontation!


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