Navy Veteran Raises More Than $3 Million In Bid To Take Rep. Maxine Waters’ Seat

Joe E. Collins, a Navy veteran running as a Pro-President Trump Republican to unseat career politician Rep. Maxine Waters, is hauling in cash hand over fist.

Collins reportedly has collected more than $3 million in his effort to knock off the California Democrat, who continues to call for the impeachment of Trump.

Collins says he wants to start the “rebuilding of South L.A.” and wants to expand housing and attract new business to the district.

The candidate appeared on Fox News this week talking about black businesses, many of which are closing permanently in Los Angeles.

“It’s because of so-called leaders like Maxine Waters,” Collins said. “You would think that when you are a black leader in a black community that it would be your prime responsibility to ensure that people that are in your district have what they need in order to survive during times like COVID-19,” he said.

“We have tons of black-owned businesses here in Los Angeles that have not been able to receive any type of benefits from the state, not from the city or the federal government. … The majority of the reason is because of Maxine Waters,” said Collins, who grew up in south Los Angeles.

On raising $3.1 million, he said, “We’ve been very blessed to have a lot of great supporters from across the United States …. People want to see Maxine Waters gone,” Collins said. “She’s lost a lot of trust.”



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