MUST WATCH: Maximo Alvarez, President of Sunshine Gasoline, Praises Trump, Calls Out Radical Leftists Destroying America, “You’re Communist!”

Maximo Alvarex, the president of Sunshine Gasoline, praised President Trump and called out the radical left destroying the US.

President Trump on Friday held a roundtable discussion about the political situation in Venezuela during his trip to Doral, Florida.

Maximo Alvarez, an immigrant from Cuba, recalled his family’s journey to the United States in their quest for freedom from the hell of Communism.

Alvarez praised Trump, “He gave up enjoying the fruit of his labors to do this.”

Alvarez became emotional when he spoke about his love for the US and called out the radical left destroying this country.

“That’s the America that these people are trying to destroy today by using phony terms like ‘Socialism’ — they’re not! They’re Communist!” Alvarez said. “Never forget that! I know our president understands that because he knows. He has been all over the world.”

Alvarez concluded by telling the BLM rioters not to be “useful idiots.”

Please take the 10 minutes to watch this amazing video clip.


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