Judge Amy Berman Jackson Set To Kill Roger Stone

Trump hating Judge Amy Berman Jackson seems determined to send Trump loyalist Roger Stone to his death at a dangerous correctional facility in Jesup, Georgia where the dangers of COVID-19 infection for the 67 year old Stone will likley kill him, ending the possibility that her corruption and misconduct in his trial will ever be exposed on appeal.

The judge purported to base her decision in part on the fact that there are no reported cases of inmates testing positive at the prison in Georgia to which Mr. Stone is being sent. Yet , as another judge opined in ordering the release of an inmate ,this only means no “confirmed” cases. Only 30 or fewer inmates out of over 1400 inmates at the facility have ever been tested, and at least one study has shown that 70% of inmates who get tested test positive.

REMINDER: Mueller Gang Requested Corrupt Judge Amy Berman Jackson to Oversee Roger Stone Case

The only inmates tested at the prison in question are those who have been quarantined for 14 days prior to their release from the prison.

Even more alarming, just 10 days before Judge Jackson denied Mr. Stone’s request to delay his date to report to the prison, another federal judge ordered the release of a convicted sex offender and child pornographer from that same prison, based on undisputed, front line, first- hand evidence of the dramatic risks of exposure to the COVID-19 virus at that very prison. The evidence is that even the most fundamental protections, like wearing masks, washing hands and social distancing are not in place and the prison’s staff comes and goes from outside the prison each day, in a state with record-number reported cases of COVID-19 spiking each day. 

EXCLUSIVE: Roger Stone is Ordered to Report to Prison Where Pedophile Was Recently Released and Sent Home Due to Coronavirus

Under AG Bill Barr’s directives and other Department of Justice and BOP guidelines, medically vulnerable inmates who rank “minimum” as to their risk to the public, and high on chronic health impairments (but not COVID-19 infection), were given priority for release. In the last week since June 20th Georgia has seen the most number of cases since the pandemic started. June 20th was the highest day yet at 1800 cases. The last 3 days (June 23-25) have been over 1700 all three days. 

The agency confirms on 6/18 -active cases at 69 of its 122 prisons. At least 6,245 prisoners and 673 staff infected. Federal officials have allegedly tried to conceal the extent of the outbreak by limiting testing—so that they didn’t have to report positive cases—and refusing to recognize one staff death. As of Tuesday, they had completed testing on less than 13 percent of prisoners in BOP-run facilities.

“She’s Corrupt! She’s Out of Control!” – Tucker Carlson Calls for Demon Judge Amy Berman Jackson to be Impeached (VIDEO)

Prisoners reported being quarantined in filthy buildings that had been vacant for years or in tents that flooded during rainstorms. Some described listening to their friends dying around them.

Attorney General William Barr has twice issued orders to release medically vulnerable prisoners or move them to home confinement, but the Justice Department has nonetheless fought to keep the vast majority of them incarcerated. Less than 3 percent of federal prisoners have been sent to home confinement, and some of them—including Trump foes Michael Avenatti and Michael Cohen —didn’t even meet the official criteria to qualify. Yet Jackson insists that Stone be sent to prison in 11 days.

Former Stone Prosecutor Aaron Zelinsky, posing as a “non-political career line prosecutor” but who is actually one of Hillary Clinton’s legal thugs at the State Department, testified to Rep, Jerry Nadler’s House judiciary Committee that Stone is receiving ” special treatment” from the DOJ.

Evidently that “special treatment” includes the death penalty.


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