‘Hate Speech’ – Student Ousted From Christian University For Criticizing Black Lives Matter in Tik Tok Videos

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A female student was ousted from a Christian university in Texas for criticizing Black Lives Matter Marxists in a series of Tik Tok videos.

Ashleigh Brock is no longer enrolled at Hardin Simmons University in Abilene, Texas after the outrage mob demanded “serious consequences” in response to her Tik Tok videos wherein she simply stated that “all lives matter.”

The university immediately responded to the Twitter cancel mob by condemning the student, claiming what she shared on social media is “not reflective of the Christian values” of their institution.

“We are actively investigating and taking decisive action,” the university confirmed last week.

According to Campus Reform, Ashleigh Brock is no longer enrolled in the university.

Campus Reform reported:

A Christian university has confirmed that a student is no longer enrolled after a “disciplinary process” resulting from social media posts critical of the Black Lives Matter movement. Now, former Hardin Simmons University student Ashleigh Brock regularly posts political videos on TikTok. Her videos about the Black Lives Matter movement sparked outrage on Twitter.

In one of Brock’s TikTok posts, she pointed out what she characterized as a hypocritical societal reaction between a black person killing a white person, a black person killing another black person, and a white person killing a black person. The video drew harsh criticism after a Twitter account called #blacklivesmatter posted it to Twitter calling for HSU to impose “serious consequences.”

In another TikTok post, while wearing an HSU t-shirt, Brock said that “all lives matter” and asked why people “freak out when a white person kills a black person,” but do not elicit the same reaction when a “black person kills a white person.”

“Do black lives matter? Yes, of course. Do white lives matter? Yes, of course. But I’m not gonna sit here and put each one in a group saying this race matters,” Brock said in the video.

It gets worse.

HSU president Eric Bruntmyer condemned Ashleigh Brock’s actions in a video address and said the university’s goal is to “prioritize anti-racism education.”

“As citizens, we have certain rights of freedom of speech in public forums, like many of the social media platforms. However, within the HSU community, that right is always linked with a responsibility as Christians, as well as an inherent responsibility in the consequences of our words and our actions,” Bruntmyer said referring to Brock’s social media posts.

“As Christians, we are called to love one another as Christ first loved us. We must hold one another accountable to this standard. Hate speech or racist comments are completely unacceptable. We do not want to condone behavior that questions people’s worth, their value, their dignity, or their equality,” Bruntmyer said.


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