General Flynn Urges President Trump To Commute Roger Stone’s Sentence

Lt. General Michael Flynn, perhaps the most prominent victim of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Witch-hunt himself, has co-signed a letter to President Trump, urging him to either pardon or commute the sentence of long-time Trump advisor, Roger Stone, who is currently appealing his conviction on seven counts of “Lying to Congress” put together by Mueller henchman, Andrew Weissmann.

Flynn, who served as President Trump’s first national security advisor and was charged in the Mueller investigation for lying to FBI agents, was waiting for Judge Emmet Sullivan to obey the order of the DC Circuit Court of Appeals to dismiss his case. Today Sullivan appealed the matter seeking a hearing of the entire DC Circuit Court, En Banc. Attorney General William Barr and the U.S. Justice Department moved to dismiss the charges against Gen. Flynn, after it was revealed that the Mueller prosecutors had withheld explosive exculpatory material from Flynn’s lawyers and after declassified material showed that the entrapment of Flynn was a political set up. Flynn and long-time Republican political strategist Roger Stone are the two highest profile Mueller targets, who are still fighting the charges against them.

Flynn was among those who wrote in a letter to President Trump, “I urgently and respectfully urge you to use your extraordinary powers of clemency to either commute the sentence of, or pardon Roger Stone. I note that the people who engineered his politically motivated prosecution are the same people who engineered a prosecution against me on the basis of entirely fabricated charges, and who tried to illegitimately end your presidency twice.”

Flynn noted that Stone has been ordered to surrender to a prison in Georgia in just six days, on July 14th, 2020.

“For a 67-year-old man with documented pre-existing medical conditions which have been known to be exacerbated during the COVID-19 pandemic, his 40-month sentence as a non-violent, first-time offender is a “death sentence.” noted Flynn.

There are now 20 active cases of COVID-19 in the Jesup Georgia prison

“I understand the power to grant a commutation of sentence is one of the most profound authorities given to the President of the United States. It allows you as the President to correct injustices within our judicial system. And in this particular case, I agree with your astute assessment that Mr. Stone’s indictment, trial, conviction and sentence was “a miscarriage of justice” which was “unfair and wrong.” Flynn said.

“No reasonable person can claim Roger Stone was given a fair trial based on the limits the trial judge put on his defense, the make-up of the jury, an unconstitutional gag-order placed on him and the indisputable bias and misconduct of the jury forewoman” said the retired Lt. General.” Now, because of the COVID-19 pandemic he faces the very real prospect of infection with the virus, which could be fatal given his age and medical condition.

In the name of both justice and mercy I respectfully join those asking you to commute Roger Stone’s sentence prior to July 14th so that he can pursue his appeal of this unjust sentence and win the vindication he deserves.”

Co-signing the letter with Flynn were former Congressman and US Attorney Bob Barr (R-GA), Rev. Darrell Scott of the New Spirit Revival Center Church, Comedian and talk show host Joe Piscopo, Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa Coounty Arizona, Former US Senator Bob Smith (R-NH), Sen. Joe Gruters- Chairman Republican Party of Florida, John Catsimitidis-Investor NYC, James H. Doty Brigadier General, US Army (ret.) Eric “Mancow” Muller radio show host , Laura Loomer- Journalist-candidate for Congress, Congressman Trent Franks (R-AZ), Roseanne Barr- Actress, Ryan Fournier-Chairman Students for Trump, Assemblyman Robert Auth, (R-NJ) ,Ralph Reed, Major General Daniel York, (Ret.)US Army Reserves, Grover Norquist- Chairman Americans for Tax Reform, Thomas McInerny (Lt. General USAF (ret.), Tim Hutchison- five term Sheriff of Knox County Tennesee, Pastor Mark Burns of Harvest Praise Center Church of Easely,SC, Robert Davi-Actor, Bishop Leon Benjamin- New Life Harvest Church, Richmond Va., Rev. William Owens President of the Coalition of African American Pastors (CAAP) Houston, Tx. Paul Behrends, Lt. Col. (Ret) USMCR  Cristina Blanco, Federated Republican Women of North Dade Miami, Fl, Donald Green L/Cpl  USMC (Ret),Rev. Robert Stream, Greater Grace Chapel, Lynchburg Va., David Keene-National Rifle Association, David Harris, Jr.-Journalist, Congressman Dave Weldon (R-PA) Colonel Albert Short, USA Ret. Pastor Greg Young- Chosen Generation Radio Faith Harvest, Alaska Vest Church, Sara Ballenger-President Capitol Hill Prayer Partners, Dolly Kyle, Little Rock Arkansas, Pastor Anthony Johnson-Kingdom Life Church, Dr. Enrique R. de la Torre, God’s Order of Truth & Wisdom-Miami, Fl, Jack Brewer-NFL Safety, Minnesota Vikings ,Rev. Dr. Willie J.Coleman, Jr.-Winston County Republican Committee, Louisville, Miss. Phil McConkey-NFL Quarterback, Buffalo Bills, Gordon Smith- Sheriff Bradford County, Fl, James W. Stratton, Chairman Tampa Bay Trump Club, David W. Johnson Chm. Columbiana County Republican Committee, Ohio, Rep. Anthony Sabatini Florida State Representative, District 32, Pastor John T. Coats II Metropolitan Church of God in Christ, Rev. Dr. Rich Schuhmeirer Sr. Victory Restoration Center, Rev. Raymond M. Tear ,Retired Member Gulf South Presbytery of Evangelical, Lee Lipton Restauranteur, Palm Beach, J. Robert Sebo-Co-Founder and Vice President Paychex Corp, Pedro Barrios Vice President of Hialeah Republican Club, Alice Butler-Short President Virginia Women For Trump, Vincent Medel -President Miami Spring Republican Club, Colonel Frank Belline USAF Ret.Sparks, Nevada Priscilla Confrey Co-Director NJ Women For Trump, Kris DeJeet Major, USAF, Elaine Amos Hackett, Native American Indian Coalition, Sheriff Gator DeLoach, Putnam County, FL. Judson Sapp, Candidate for Congress, Green Cove Springs, Florida, Sen. Fred Dyson, (R-Alaska),Bubba Clem, Radio Host,Tampa, Fl., Rev.Shannon Crowley, Ministry of the Watchman, Rabbi Elnatan Rudolph- Teaneck, NJ, Jack Posobiec-OANN, Ralph Lorigo- Erie County (NY) Conservative Party, Susie Dolan-Republican State Committeewoman Seminole County Florida, Jesse Phillips-Republican State Committeeman Seminole County Florida.


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