Democratic Op-Ed: To Defeat Trump Democrats Must Knock Down the Economy

The Biden Campaign is working with the Sanders Camp to come up with a winning strategy in the fall.

The Biden-Sanders coalition believe they can win by proposing cuts to the police as violent crimes surge in Democrat-led cities across the country.

Biden-Sanders believe pushing job killing Green New Deal lunacy is the right direction.

And Biden-Sanders want to propose trade agreements like the good old days of NAFTA. They want a foreign policy that funds the Ayatollahs for their terror projects in the region.

And on Wednesday Bradley Beychok at American Bridge described the Democrat Party’s big push for victory in the fall — Destroy the economy.

American Bridge is the largest research, video tracking, and rapid response organization in Democrat politics.

Via USA Today:

Among the swing voters who will help decide this election, President Trump still maintains a significant advantage over presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden on the question of who is best suited to lead America out of this economic crisis. If we want to ensure that Trump does not win a second term, we need to cut off the last leg of his reelection bid.

It’s the economy, Democrats.

Before COVID-19, Trump was planning to stake his reelection on a roaring economy, and he would have had a semi-legitimate — albeit extremely flawed — argument to make. Now, we’re in a recession and nearly 50 million people have filed unemployment claims…

… It is our job, as Democrats, to show these voters that his disastrous handling of the virus led to the deep national recession and economic devastation in their local communities — and that he is unable to provide the leadership to bring our economy back. If his economic standing dips into the negatives, he will be underwater with swing voters on all counts.

That’s why, over the past year, American Bridge 21st Century, the organization I lead, has been hyper-targeting white working class voters on economic issues in three states — Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania — who backed President Barack Obama and then switched to Trump in 2016. At American Bridge, we are dedicated to weakening Trump’s standing on economic issues by relentlessly attacking his egregious record and hammering home the fact that his disastrous leadership has led us into a recession.

We have continued recruiting real voices on the ground in these states throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and we are using their stories in a relentless blend of television, digital and AM/FM radio ads to demonstrate how Trump’s failures as president have impacted their local economies and lives. Our ads talk about subjects such as the local economic impact of Trump’s failure to rein in prescription drug prices in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, and the toll of economic policies that “work great if you’re a wealthy person” but not for working familiesnear La Crosse, Wisconsin…

…Virtually every group has turned on the president: suburban women, African Americans and seniors. And his standing on the economy, although still above water with battleground state voters, has fallen significantly as well. However, the goal here is to erode Trump’s support deeply on every issue with as many voters as possible so we can eradicate the scourge of Trumpism from our government entirely.

There’s no dancing around it: Trump’s path to victory grows narrower by the day. An overwhelming majority of Americans are waiting in the wings to vote out this reckless president and are craving stable and effective leadership again. But Trump still has one final card to play, and complacency can be the grim reaper of even the most powerful political movements. Democrats, now is the time to double down and cement Trump’s defeat by destroying his standing on the economy.

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