Cuomo ‘Too Powerful and Too Feared’ to Be Held Accountable: Report

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) is “too powerful and too feared” to be held accountable, according to a report by Fox News’ Janice Dean on what she is told privately by reporters and others.

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“I have received texts, emails and DMs from people (some reporters) who say that Cuomo is too powerful and too feared in New York that he will never be held accountable for his terrible (and deadly) orders during this pandemic – no matter how glaring the evidence…You can tell during his interviews and press conferences. His indifference, bully behavior and lack of empathy shows he knows most won’t go after him. But I will keep going against the giant cuomo machine. Because I have to. I owe it to my family and my husband’s parents.”

Dean, Fox’s senior meteorologist, has been harshly critical of Cuomo over the deaths of both of her in-laws this year as a result of Cuomo’s nursing home edict for coronavirus patients.

Cuomo’s daily press conferences during the weeks of the pandemic’s peak in New York became a celebrated contrast for liberals and the media to President Trump’s press briefings on the virus, garnering Cuomo a 72 percent approval rating by New Yorkers for his handling of the virus despite over 32,000 coronavirus deaths in the state. The same NBC News New York/Marist poll released last week has Cuomo with an overall 60% approval rating by registered New York voters.

Dean’s former Fox colleague reporter Megyn Kelly concurred with Dean’s observations on Cuomo.

More comments by Dean on Cuomo:

As seen above, Dean was deeply offended by Cuomo’s self-adulatory poster released Monday celebrating his coronavirus response.

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