BREAKING: Unsealed Govt Memo Dated January 30, 2017 Reveals Obama Cabal KNEW Flynn Wasn’t Lying and Wasn’t an “Agent of Russia”

Earlier this week the Justice Department produced more evidence to General Mike Flynn’s legal team.

The newly released documents were handwritten notes of Peter Strzok just one day after his January 24, 2017 ambush interview of Flynn.

There was also a DOJ (?) memo dated January 30, 2017 which we speculated cleared Flynn.

On Friday, the Justice Department unsealed the January 30, 2017 memo and it revealed the Obama coup cabal KNEW Flynn wasn’t lying and wasn’t an “agent of Russia.”

“FBI advised that they believed Flynn believed what he was saying was true,” the memo stated.

“FBI recognized the discrepancy between statements and the actual calls, but determined Flynn was not acting as an agent of Russia.”

Notes from the now fired top FBI general counsel Dana Boente from his March 30, 2017 meeting with fired FBI Director James Comey: Michael Flynn: “Do not view as source of collusion.”

Tashina Gauhar notes from 1/25/17 meeting with the FBI – the day after the Flynn interview.

FBI assessed Flynn believed he was telling the truth.

FBI: Flynn knows we have tech cuts, was affirmative in his answers.

It looks like part of Dana Boente’s notes were previously leaked to Rachel Maddow!

The coup cabal and Mueller’s crooked team of Democrat lawyers KNEW Flynn was telling the truth and they knew he was NOT an agent of Russia yet they railroaded him anyway!

Mueller’s team of crooks and liars then selectively leaked information to the media to destroy Flynn.

We are now in July of 2020 and Judge Sullivan is still refusing to sign off on the DOJ’s dismissal of Flynn’s case!

Read today’s full filing here.

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