BREAKING: LA School Police Chief Resigns After School Board Cut $25 Million in School Police Funding, Ordered All Officers Off Campus

Los Angeles School Police Chief Todd Chamberlain on Wednesday afternoon announced his resignation to the department, per sources, reported FOX LA.

“Decision comes after school board decided last night to cut $25 million in school police funding and ordered all officers off campus/out of uniform for now,” reported Bill Melugin.

Mr. Chamberlain became the chief of the Los Angeles School Police Department in December of last year after retiring as LAPD Commander.

The Los Angeles Unified School District Tuesday night voted to cut the police budget by 35%, or $25 million.

LASPD officers were also ordered to turn in their uniforms and patrol off campus, reported CBSN Los Angeles.

The $25 million taken away from the LASPD will be diverted to school programs to help ‘students of color.’

This is just the beginning. More police chiefs and officers will be resigning from their jobs.