Twitter Puts Red-Flag Warning on President Trump’s Tweet Asserting He Would Use Force Against Radical Leftists Trying to Set Up “Autonomous Zone” in DC

Twitter put a red-flag warning on one of President Trump’s tweet Tuesday afternoon.

This is the fourth time Twitter has censored one of President Trump’s tweets.

Trump in a Tuesday tweet asserted there will never be an “autonomous zone” in Washington DC as long as he is president.

Trump added that if the rioters try to set up an autonomous zone, they will be “met with serious force.”

The Twitter Fascists jumped in and censored the president of the United States for ‘violating their policy against abusive behavior, specifically, the presence of a threat of harm against an identifiable group.’

President Trump has the authority to enforce the rule of law, however, Twitter believes they are in a position of power over the president of the United States.

DC Police on Tuesday swept out the leftist vermin in the street attempting to set up an autonomous zone in the nation’s capitol.

The squatters wanted an autonomous zone blocks from the White House.

They want a revolution.

Where is the Justice Department? The tech giants have grown so large and powerful that they are now asserting power over the president of the United States.

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