Trump Hits Back at Biden, ‘He is Not All There and Has Created His Own Sanctuary City in His Basement’ (VIDEO)

President Trump hit back at Biden during his sit-down interview with Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner.

Harris Faulkner asked the president what he thought about Biden’s claims that he would ‘steal the election’ and if he doesn’t win, the military would have to ‘haul him out of the White House.’

“Look, Joe’s not not all there. Everybody knows it and it’s sad when you look at it and see for yourself,” Trump said. “He has created his own sanctuary city in the basement of wherever he is and he doesn’t come out.”


77-year-old Joe Biden on Thursday emerged from his basement bunker and held a roundtable discussion in Philadelphia to address the reopening of the economy.

At one point Biden completely lost his train of thought — while he was reading from his notes!

President Trump is correct. Biden is not all there.

See for yourself: