Protester in Seattle Shot By Man Driving Car Through George Floyd Protest (Video)

A protester was shot in Seattle Sunday night as he attacked a man who was driving his car through a George Floyd-Black Lives Matter protest after going through a barrier. The shooter is in custody after leaving the scene. The victim was hit in the arm and walked away, but was taken to the hospital by Seattle Fire Department medics. The victim said he punched the driver to save protesters.

Graphic video shows a car driving through the protest, not hitting anyone as protesters scattered, but headed to where more protesters were tightly gathered. The driver stopped the car when protesters blocked him as he approached the crowded intersection. A man attacked the driver through the window, then fell backward as a gunshot rang out. The driver exited the car after a few seconds, brandishing a gun, and made his way through the crowd unmolested. A different video shows the man surrendering to police, apparently in the area of the shooting.

This video picks up right after the shot was fired and the wounded attacker fell away.

Video of the alleged shooting victim, “Story unclear at the moment but young man shot on 11th and Pine. Daniel, 26, wanted to tell his story. With the help of other medics I got a tourniquet on his arm. Street medics were on the spot with gauze and pressure. He walked off the scene.”

Video of alleged shooter surrendering to police:

Seattle Fire Department statement:

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