LONDON: Police Injured as Spooked Horses Run Amok After BLM, Antifa Terrorists Throw Bottles and Bricks at Officers (VIDEOS)

London is under siege.

George Floyd riots erupted in London on Saturday.

Black Lives Matter and Antifa terrorists clashed with police officers on horseback.

The left-wing terrorists threw bottles and bricks at officers, causing the spooked horses to run amok.

One officer was thrown off of a horse after bottles and bricks were hurled at police.


Another horse was seen charging into a crowd after left-wing terrorists threw bottles at officers.


A female police officer was seriously injured after rioters threw bricks at her horse, spooking it and sending her head-first into a traffic pole.


Sky News reported:

Violence has erupted in London after a group of Black Lives Matter protesters clashed with the police – with bottles thrown and mounted officers charging down Whitehall.

Sky News correspondent Mark White was at the scene on Whitehall – near Downing Street and The Cenotaph.

He said the atmosphere had started to shift in the area, where around 400 to 500 people had gathered, and then “just after the thunderstorm… the crowd started throwing bottles and other objects at the police”.

The situation has now largely calmed down, but a large number of protesters and officers in riot gear are still at the scene.

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