Biden Campaign Spox Blames “White Supremacists” For Violent Riots, Calls President Trump a “Klansman” For Telling Governors to Step Up Enforcement

Jamal Brown

Biden’s campaign is all in with the violent left-wing terrorists.

President Trump on Monday unloaded on the nation’s governors during a call and told them to step up enforcement to quell the violent left-wing terrorists looting businesses and burning down buildings.

Instead of encouraging law and order, Biden’s national press secretary Jamal Brown lashed out at President Trump and accused him of being a Klansman.

“White supremacists have been inciting violence & burning buildings over the last few days under the guise of “protestors.” Now President Trump is calling on governors & law enforcement to take action against “protestors”— i.e. Black people,” Jamal Brown said.

“Say it plain: Trump is a Klansman,” he added.

Black Lives Matter and far left white Antifa terrorists are responsible for the looting and rioting.

Joe Biden supports the terrorism.

Joe Biden emerged from his basement on Sunday and posed with Black Lives Matter protesters in Wilmington as rioters were looting businesses and razing buildings to the ground.

At least 13 Joe Biden staffers made donations to a radical leftist group that is raising money for the looters and rioters in Minnesota.

The Minnesota Freedom Fund has raised $20 million in the past week by leftists to bail out violent Antifa and Black Lives Matter activists after they are caught looting and rioting.

Now Biden’s campaign spox is claiming the looters and rioters are “white supremacists” — so are Biden’s staffers bailing out KKK members?

White supremacists looting and violently attacking people:

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