Biden Blows Off Banned Local Media Outlets, Doesn’t Take Any Questions From Reporters at PA Event (VIDEO)

Joe Biden emerged from his Delaware basement and traveled to Lancaster, Pennsylvania on Thursday to speak with families about the ‘Affordable Care Act.’

Biden’s camp refused to give local media reporters access to the event.

Biden blew off banned reporters who shouted at him from a distance asking him if he would give a press conference.

He just waved from a distance and didn’t answer a reporter who shouted, “How about a press conference, sir!”


Free Beacon editor Brent Scher said Biden didn’t take any questions from the approved fake news reporters who had access to the event.

Biden is not capable of speaking without his teleprompter which is why he won’t take questions from the press.

For those keeping track, it has been 84 days since Joe Biden’s last press conference.

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