Ted Malloch: DIVOC-91 Once Upon A Time – An Alternative Tale

Guest post by Ted Malloch

It was in the early 21st century and America had an all-time gung-ho, robust economy—the envy of the whole wide world. With an entrepreneurial President who deregulated everything and talked up the market incessantly, all the numbers were up, up, up. Well, some were way down: unemployment, inflation and tax rates.

Then in the span of just about a month everything changed. The world went upside down, truly topsy-turvy, as some government salaried officials wanted to have their way and implement an untried Bush-era response plan. Like many things Bush administration, it incarnated the heavy hand as guiding principle. And all due to a novel germ—released far away in a distant Chinese Lab (or was it a wet market?) and then circulated around the world.

Two high-level mad “expert” scientists walked into the Oval Office and told the usually self-propelled and assured President, that he absolutely had — no choice. It was massive quarantine and mitigation–flatten the curve — or we all could die. To hell with the economy and people’s livelihoods., they had one word: Lockdown!

He said “what”?

Their reply was that their “expert” models (especially at Imperial College, courtesy of  Gates and Soros) predicted that if he did not immediately close down the entire economy, literally shutter it, and thereby lay off thirty some million Americans, causing a depression, over two million people could suffer and perhaps, yes, die.

The disease knew no boundaries they related—it affected every age, race, gender and income, equally, or at least there was no evidence against this, and every doubt was put in service of more restriction. Freedom be gone, the Bill of Rights must be suspended.  After all there was no cure or therapy; we would likely never have a vaccine, and the hospitals would be completely overrun. Lacking ventilators (which were considered essentially a death sentence) and protective equipment, total chaos would ensue, they screamed, at the top of their still functioning lungs.

Really, he said? Why should I believe you? Have you or any of your so-called credentialed “experts” ever gotten it right before? On climate change? Global warming, or is it cooling? The population bomb? The end of the world as we know it? SARS? Ebola? Resource depletion? Your models have all been consistently wrong. Worse than wrong, not very useful, either. Truthfully, if followed, they would have been catastrophic.

So, the President sent them packing and later called his own team together in the basement White House Situation Room.

Here is what he then said.

It looks like yet another new Chinese flu this year could be very nasty. I want to go on national TV tonight (please add OANN) and warn the nation. They should take precautions and wash their hands, cover their mouths and we will go out of our way to protect the old, infirm, and particularly those in old age and nursing homes or with preexisting respiratory conditions. The rest of us will be fine and get through this. Eventually, we will have what some other scientists call, “herd immunity.” That’s a good thing.

The cost of my plan will be negligible with our economy soaring and with American jobs as our focus, we will do just great.

Everything stayed more or less within a range of normal. As in other years, it was a somewhat bad flu season and a few cities, like New York City and its metro area, took a beating.

But the flu season came and went, and some older and already sick people got ill and about the same as other years, passed away. The nation’s business went on uninterrupted. Unemployment dropped even more, governments at all levels took in unprecedented tax income, the markets held strong, while people’s retirement 401K’s looked better than ever. The oil price was stable, and US GDP continued to grow at over two percent.

Americans went to the stores, to work, and on vacation. When summer came, they went to the beach and the mountains. They stayed at hotels and motels. Every Sunday the churches were full, and restaurants were as busy as ever. The NBA season went down to the wire and the World Series saw a seven game head turner. The NFL and college football seasons started with much fanfare in the Fall.

Schools never closed, not for even a day. Marriages went ahead, family reunions, birthdays, graduations. Houses and cars, and just about everything else, was bought and sold.

The country in a word, thrived.

In November, the 2020 election saw a successful President defeat a demented out of touch challenger in a landslide that brought the President’s party back in strength to control both the House and the Senate. It was all so predictable.

Life was good.

Divoc-91 came and went and America stood firm, carried on and prospered as never before in its long and cherished history as a nation.

Gulliver aka Theodore Roosevelt Malloch

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